love you and missed you. 😁💕😊
slow shutaaaa
union station. 🚊
best brother and sister in the world. i love them💕

this picture makes me laugh😂
🌊santa monica pier☀️
the moon will illuminate my room
everyone has a creative soul.
kayla has such a beautiful heart and soul. she is one of the greatest people i’ve ever had the opportunity to come across in my life. i am so incredibly thankful for my best friend, our friendship has taught me so much in my life. last night it hit me how much has changed in a couple months; hanging out almost everyday to only seeing each other when we are back home. the moments we share i will continue to cherish forever. and when i say “my best friend and i will be best friends forever,” i’m not just saying it, i know it in my heart. 

#unstoppable ; 
 you and i are unstoppable forces, we can survive anything even when we are miles apart. 
💕😁💜 i love you kayla